Friday, March 11, 2011

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as you may have already heard this morning if you watch Tv or listen to the radio, Japan has been hit with a 8.9 earthquake just a bit ago.
Even google says: "Tsunami Alert Waves expected across the Pacific region, caused by 8.9 earthquake in Japan."


Before going to my Prudential office this morning to work, I stopped by Ponto and South Ponto beach, it was jammed packed with cars, trucks, surfboards and... Carlsbad city trucks, lifeguards, even helicopters in the sky patrolling.
As a result to Japan's earthquake, Hawaii, San Diego and Orange counties are in high Tsunami alert.
The surf was supposed to be big already this week-end so if you want to go take some photos be careful and go take a walk or your bike because the beach is packed with people and parking with be a nightmare.

This comes with no real surprise, if you have paid attention, a few days ago in Hawaii on the Big Island, the latest eruption from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano showed all across the web and the news, it's activity has now taken a breather from spewing out lava.

As it would be great to grab your surfboard to say your surfed that day, instead use common sense and be safe, go grab some photos rather than a free trip to the emergency and potentially a ticket from the local authorities!

By the way, please take a few minutes and pray for the people of Japan, thank you!

***More updates:

Some Hawaii airports were closed Friday morning as the state prepared for a tsunami.
Pacific Business News reports the Kahului Airport was closed Friday morning, though the Honolulu International Airport remained open. Some flights at Honolulu International were delayed Friday, but others were running on time, according to the airport's website.

Watch it live:
You can see the direct feed video here:
Live Del Mar Surf Cam at twenty-eight street at the River Mouth. Java pan, tilt and zoom webcam:
Cardiff by the sea: Java pan, tilt and zoom webcam:

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