Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I am barefoot today, are you?


today I decided to honor the children of the world that don't have shoes, even sick, I will go barefoot so they don't have to!
At the office meeting I did a stunt (with no double) to show one of my foot up high and explained to my colleagues why I was going barefoot, it was quit entertaining I heard. Everyone who knows me knows I am a shoe fetish, so it is hard not to see that I am barefoot all day! It is pretty nice and not as hard to stroll the streets or drive around barefoot, try that in a "colder state" or "bad area", we live in warm SoCal, we are so spoiled! I can't imagine the poor kids in unfavorable climates or unsanitary areas...and I have been barefoot myself for a long time being a surfer but it has nothing to compare being barefoot by choice instead of being barefoot by obligation!
Actually, I wish you were there to see the stares I got from other agents and their clients while I was stepping out of my car, showing properties to my buyers and even meeting the owners this morning, my clients got it and thought it was cool.

Today, I decided to make a difference one step at the time, are you too going to make a difference?
If you did, share it in a comment!

...in that photo I was on floor in the afternoon at the office ;)

Angélique Kenney


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