Monday, May 23, 2011

Cast your votes!

Hello my friends and family,

please take a few seconds and vote to help me be nominated as part of San Diego's best 2011!

Nominate me for SD best realtor, no app, no log in, just type my full name:"Angelique Kenney" - thank you for your support! that's the link!
Find San Diego's Best Restaurants, Bars, Sports, Home Improvement and more as determined by the people of San Diego.
I'm not sure how many times you can vote, so far it's once, maybe daily? You will have to check, it may be daily ;) Thank you!


Supportez votre Biarrote aux U.S.A et votez please, - Pas de code ou mot de passe, pas d'application a charger, simplement tapez mon nom: Angelique Kenney dans l'espace blanc - Ca prends 2 secondes, Merci les amis!

Je ne sais pas si vous pouvez voter plusieurs fois, je ne crois que une fois, essayez le lendemain aussi, je pense que c'est tous les jours et dites moi!


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