Friday, August 12, 2011

How a small group of people are making a difference

Tonight with my husband and I are going to the Film Premiere of "33 in 3", if you want to participate and also make a difference, join us tonight, the link is below for tickets and preview the trailer.
The proceeds will benefit future "Med4Nicaragua Missions. It's a local initiative and the event is held in a local theater right in Carlsbad.

33 in 3 Film Premiere

33 in 3 is a film about the Nicaragua Medical Team who performed 33 surgeries in 3 days. The film premieres on Friday, 8/12 at the Carlsbad Village Theatre. 
"33 in 3" follows a 22-person team of medical and non-medical volunteers on their journey.



Follow a 22-person team of both medical and non-medical team members down to Nicaragua in the powerful documentary 33in3. 
In just three days, the team completed 33 surgeries in Nicaragua, the second poorest country in the western hemisphere. During their stay, the team also visited Casa Bernabe, an orphanage in Nicaragua, and donated clothes and toys and hosted an American-style pizza night. They also made a trip to one of the schools, where they taught students basic health lessons and sex ed.
The team made a profound impact on the citizens of Nicaragua and perhaps even a more profound impact on themselves. This is their journey.
33in3 is due out mid summer, premiering at a local San Diego theater. Please stay tuned for more details.
Thank you for your interest. To learn more about the team and their mission, visit


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