Thursday, September 8, 2011

Major power outage and blackout. Stay safe San Diego!

I was at the office uploading photos for my new listing while listening to a powerful sermon when - BAM - the electricity went out!
Here are some updates...its out from T.J Mexico up to L.A and palm more online.
Some cell towers too b/c I had a very hard time reaching my husband from my cell and to his cell...

"More than 1.4 million customers lost power during a blackout in the San Diego area, and utility officials said power might not be fully restored until Friday. San Diego Gas and Electric said the outage appears to have originated in Arizona and that the agency is working with California power officials to bring the power back. Officials said the outages extended across Southern California and into Arizona and Baja California. FULL COVERAGE: Southern California blackout The loss of power led to a shutdown of two reactors at the San Onofre nuclear power plant. Gil Alexander, a spokesman for Southern California Edison, said the power outage did not cause any safety issues. Alexander said a fluxation in power caused the reactors to shut down at 3:38 p.m. but that the overall plant continues to have power. He said the system worked as it was supposed to during a loss of power. Across San Diego, businesses are closed, traffic is snarled and the trolley system is down. San Diego International Airport was on backup generators. The city of San Diego has set up its emergency operations center. Sheriff's officials told Fox 5 San Diego that many of its substations were without power. Utility officials are trying to figure out what cause the outage. [Updated at 5:14 p.m.: SDG&E said both its power supplies were compromised, though it is unclear exactly how. Lines from Arizona and from the north appeared to fail, the utility said. "Hot days in a row like we have had create lots of power flowing. Could have had an impact," SDG&E said in a statement on Twitter.]"


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