Saturday, May 12, 2012

What does NFL star Vernon Davis and Justin Timberlake have in common?

Your home, where ever it is located, what ever it is, is where you live and you are expressing yourself.
I love decorating, remodeling, painting, sewing, crafting and cooking in our home! This is the best and most relaxing things to do, of course other than surfing at one of the numerous the San diego and Orange county beaches :)!

Some other famous people have understood that very well and thanks to Sport Star Relocation we have a new partnership with Vernon Davis from the San Francisco 49 ers and Antone Barnes. Check out their clientele.
Unless you have been under a rock, you already read the May 4th national press release all over the web and newspapers:

National Real Estate & Relocation provider SportStar Relocation (SSR) (and Facebook page) and San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis's interior/exterior design company Modern Class Design (MCD) announced their exclusive partnership in concurrently providing a full suite of real estate and design services to professional athletes, entertainers, and affluent customers nationwide.

Read the full Yahoo Sport article here.

Bye, bye, old style! :) What do I mean? Well, another interesting blend is world famous entertainer Justing Timberlake, turning interior designer! Yes ladies, your read it right. With the help of his muse and trusted Stylist, Estee Stanley, they created HOME MINT.
get the full story by clicking here.

Justin TImberlake
“A home should be inspiring and a reflection of you and HomeMint brings your individual style to your space.”

Justin Timberlake 


As one of the world's most accomplished and influential entertainers, Justin Timberlake is known for his iconic style. With HomeMint, Justin has combined his passion for design and architecture with his aesthetic sensibility and artistic expertise to design and curate a home collection that epitomizes high-end style and quality design.

Estee Stanley
“Justin and I curate and design a versatile, eclectic collection of pieces we love for our members every month.”

Estee Stanley


Recognized for her extraordinary home design and as a leading celebrity stylist, Estee Stanley brings her eye for the exquisite to HomeMint. As Justin's longtime friend and interior designer, Estee works closely with Justin to design and curate the HomeMint collection.


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