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First Android-Powered Camera - The right marriage?

Ok, you got me! I'm not just a real estate agent but a total geek at times!

Yes my real estate updates about the North county and San Diego homes is fabulous, smart and reflect the truth about the market and I go to admit that what people want to read is "when is the next iPhone 5 coming out" or "Newest Android phone" "Best app to download to be more productive", and all. I get it, so now here you go, whatever I search online besides the best deals for sale on the market in Carlsbad or coastal San Diego cities will be displayed on my blog. 

Kinda like me, a complex blend of nerdyness (if this words exist), brain and beauty...I'm talking about my blog and my business, but I appreciate the smile on your face that means that you also agree. 

So here is one of the newest thing I stumbled across in a blog online from this supercool site:

As always, Enjoy! 

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Nikon Unveils the Coolpix S800c, Its First Android-Powered Camera

Nikon Unveils the Coolpix S800c, Its First Android Powered Camera 800c1 mini
After weeks of rumors and leaked photos, Nikon has finally officially announced its new Coolpix S800c compact camera — the company’s first camera to be powered by Android OS. It’s designed to be a powerful point-and-shoot that offers the versatility of app-based mobile phones.

On the photo side of things, the camera features a 16-megapixel CMOS sensor and a 10x Nikkor VR-equipped zoom lens (25-250mm in 35mm terms).
Other features include 8fps burst mode, creative filters built into the camera, 1080p HD video recording with full stereo sound, built in GPS, and a 3.5-inch OLED touchscreen.
Nikon Unveils the Coolpix S800c, Its First Android Powered Camera 800c2 mini
The combo of Android OS and built-in Wi-Fi is what makes this camera truly stand out in the Nikon point-and-shoot lineup. It means you can download and use apps, surf the web, instantly share photos through social networking and photo sharing sites, play Angry Birds, and check your email — all from the comfort of your compact camera.
From the back, the camera looks just like an Android-powered phone:
Nikon Unveils the Coolpix S800c, Its First Android Powered Camera 800c3 mini
Now that phones are becoming more and more like compact cameras, it seems like camera makers want to give phone makers a taste of their own medicine. If phones can feature large sensors, then cameras can feature the same operating systems used by phones!
Nikon Unveils the Coolpix S800c, Its First Android Powered Camera 800c4 mini
The camera will be available starting next month in white and black flavors. It’ll have a price tag of $350.


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